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White to play - draw

In the first note after 1.d6! exd6 (1...cxd6 is the main line) 2.Kd5 Kxh4 3.Kc6 Bd8 4.Kd7 Fine concludes "and wins". However, Black still has a draw with 4...Bg5! 5.Kxc7 (5.e7 Bxe7! 6.Kxe7 d5 7.Kd7 d4 8.Kxc7 d3 b6=) 5.Kxc7 d5 6.b6 d4 7.b7 (7.e7? Bxe7 8.b7 Bg5 -+) 7...d3 8.b8Q Bf4+ 9.Kc8 Bxb8 10.Kxb8 d2 11.e7 =

Analysis by Gary Crum in the November 1989 issue of Chess Life